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1920. New York. The Draw Law ghost´s is in the air.  Try to manage your own bar and survive to gangsters, corrupt police officers and ...drunk guys, and your most important enemy: the taxes. 

Listen to your clients petitions and serve them the drinks who want.Consult the recipe book and prepare the best cocktails in the city. Survive in ordert you can live to serve a new glass.


There are 2 principal screen: the  lobby bar where you listen the customers petitions and read the book to see the recipes of the cocktails (clicking in there) and you can click in the right side of the screen to go to the other principal screen,the  shelving 

where you serve and create the drinks,mixing some basic liquor to create cocktails,to create it you have to choose the drink ,select the percentage ,mix with other liquors and is ready to serve.

When you finnish the day the bank take off you a part of your money and each day that part is bigger ,you earn money with the drinks that you serve with success .


Jose Antonio Barros Toro - Artist:  Characters and Animations,game design

Pelayo German Hernández Rodríguez -Programming, game desing

Daniel Moya Bastante - Programming, game desing

Rubén Sanchez Acosta -Proggraming, game desing

Daniel Peña Nava-Artist :Scenaries,Interactuable assets,menus,HUD,game design


RedShot_Build.zip 47 MB

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